This is Miro (rhymes with "hero"), the dog following in the footsteps of the mighty Joliet Jake.

Miro is a great dog. I'm sure he's not the greatest GSD to ever walk the earth, but he's fun, loves people (and I don't mean with ketchup), and smart. He also loves me more than my mother does, which is saying something. Of course, my mother didn't rely on me to feed her every day either.

Miro's favorite game in the entire world is unquestionably tug of war. However, he's also a fetching machine, loves to swim, and will play with just about anything that'll play with him. He's a perfect combination: neither aggressive nor fragile. Apparently Miro's latest hobby is fishing---he's busily attempting to catch the coy in his breeder's pond.

Photos of Miro when he was a tiny puppy are here.

Miro in Las Vegas at the 2002 Sieger Show. He's just shy of a year old.

Here's Miro playing with his buddy Zambi.

The boys are out of gas